Ravens Guide Our Way

Ravens Guide Our Way Artwork by Jason Beam featuring Jamie Reed Kovac


This ended up being the last digital fine art piece I will create – and I am actually really stoked that Jamie Reed Kovac was in my final piece. I had always wanted to do a barbarian-themed piece but with a female – but I could never really find the right model. I met Jamie at the New York Comic Con and instantly found the perfect girl for my idea. Jamie was from Wyoming, which was great – because she wasn’t scared to put on the animal fur I brought from Montana to give it the authentic look. She came over, we did a huge array of shots and it was actually quite difficult to pick just one to run with.

This piece took a few years to complete, as I moved from New York, started another job and it took awhile for me to get back into my groove. I was winding down on digital art, but I never gave up trying to complete this one last piece. The title is taken from the Grand Magus song of the same name ‘Ravens Guide Our Way’ which actually helped kick start the idea for the environment I wanted to portray her in. I was happy with the end result, and a little sad knowing that I was closing the door on this particular style of art.