Jekyll and Hyde

Jekyll and Hyde artwork by Jason Beam


I wanted to do this piece for a variety of reasons. The challenge of the photography, a desire to work with a green palette, and the unique interpretation of the subject. First off, I wanted to find a handsome man to be Jekyll and Hyde. I didn’t want some 20 year old chisled Brad Pitt wannabe. I wanted a man that would resemble the dear doctor, had a unique face but fit with the theme.

The final challenge of the piece was that I did not want to portray Hyde as a ‘monster’ in the traditional sense. Hyde was an offensive person in nature and demeanor. He didn’t transform into a gigantic, hideous beast or even into that long-armed goon from Bugs Bunny. In all sense of the word, Hyde was a complete asshole, creepy and dastardly. Trying to illustrate a piece that shows the evil of Mr. Hyde intermixed with the shattered psyche of Dr. Jekyll proved to be an interesting challenge. Whether I got it right, will be up to you, the viewer.

This debuted as my Halloween 2003 limited edition of 31 print.