Hellrider by Jason Beam

This piece took me a little by surprise. I had taken some photographs of Anne with the intention of doing a warrior/barbarian-esque piece with her – I just wasn’t sure how I planned to execute it. So, I’m on my daily walk and brainstorming about interesting imagery, and I caught this vision rambling about my brain of a female riding through a burnt landscape on horseback. So, later that night I started woring out the proportions and seeing how I could make these images of Anne work on horseback. This piece was incredibly challenging, and I put more time in on this piece than any other in recent memory – rounding out at nearly 50 hours for a smaller-sized piece. But in the end, I think I ended up with a very evocative piece that captured every detail in my mind, right down to the skull shoulderpads.

The limited edition print was available only to the first 100 buyers of my book, Daughters of Digital Alchemy, released in July 2006.