Coming of Cthulhu

Coming of Cthulhu by Jason Beam featured in Cthulhu Sex Magazinef

The Coming of Cthulhu is a departure for me in several ways. I decided that I would like to tone back my style of chaotic texture, and focus more on color and background, which I think turned out very well in this peice – the sky seems reminiscent of Frank Frazetta or Boris. I also wanted to reduce the amount of extra detail in the piece, and try to focus on the subject themselves, and capture a more ‘painted’ look.

This particular piece was a commission for Cthulhu Sex Magazine, for issue 22 – which should be out in May/June. This piece is influenced by the H.P. Lovecraft tentacled God Cthulhu and the demon Lilith, who was featured as a minor character in a few of his writings.