I embarked on a project using the topic: Fictional Characters from Literature. At first, I was a little stymied to the subject – there were just so many to choose from. Frankenstien, Dracula, The Mummy, Pinhead – then I moved onto Stephen King’s characters: George Stark, Pennywise and of course, Flagg.

Then, sitting at my desk, I looked at my bookcase and saw the only remaining Stephen King book I had. I thought to myself ‘That’d be an interesting concept: the physical embodiment of Christine’. So I started sketching and looking for a model. To me, the embodiement of Christine was not some curmudgeonly old woman, but a young, virile, vengeful girl – which is why this project seemed so fitting to my work.

As I was gathering materials for my project, I happened across Martin Sanchez, a car collector who had one of the original ‘Christine’ cars from the movie. His car is seen running over Moochie Welch in the alleyway. I asked, and he agreed to take some photos of his 1958 Plymouth Fury, and I was set. Created for Halloween 2006, this piece was showcased in the Carnivora traveling exhibit in 2008/2009, with destinations in Detroit, New York and Los Angeles.

This artwork was featured in Les Barany’s Carnivora art exhibit in 2007-2008.